Thursday, August 4, 2011

One minute films

I'm a huge fan of short films, because I believe that is an incredible talent to be able to tell the story in 5-15 minutes and do it well. I adore short films because of their ideas and intensity. Not that I'm saying longer films  are bad or made by not talented people. It just seems making a short film is much tougher then making longer film.
This is even crazier. Imagine if you needed to tell a good story in 60 seconds. Can you do that? I personally, can't, but some people are very talented in that.
Filminute is the International One-Minute Film Festival where everyone can submit their one minute film. The only rule is it should be exactly 60 seconds long. Tough, right?
Here are some of the one minute films I found on You can watch all of them on Filminute site.

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