Monday, August 8, 2011


oh we just had absolutely great bd celebration! The only rule for today was to do all the things Eric likes to do the best in Latvia. So here it goes.

1. Chocolate cake in the morning (and I'm the proud baker!). It came out delicious, although maybe a bit too sweet, but what can you expect from the mix of pure chocolate, marmalade and cookies. I got the recipe from Bonnie's cooking book - I will post the recipe tomorrow.

2. Kebab for the early dinner. If the kebab isn't at least in top 10 best foods in the World then I don't know what is. And if there is anyone who is claiming that's not true they haven't tasted Sultan kebab in Riga!

3. TRAMPOLINES! Eric loves trampolines and we happen to have trampolines near by our apartment that works 24/7 Imagine that? How awesome is that?




4. And to end the Monday evening nicely we had a few beers at Nabaklab. Not some whatever beer but Brengulu beer that is Eric's absolute fave! Brengulu is thick, dark and creamy Latvian microbrew with the lingering taste of rye and pumpkin seed (this sentence was added by Eric). To summarize, if you like beer this is absolutely delicious and def worth trying (ever single Latvian will confirm that). :)

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