Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a little bit of fashion

When we still were in KY we went to Midway (tiny little city near by Lexington) one day and found this small and awesome gentleman store "CRITTENDEN" owned by Mr.Crittenden Rawlings who has worked for Ralph Lauren and other famous designers.

The store is super awesome, and Mr. Rawlings was really kind and helpful. Eric got there a really nice tailored jacket (pictures will be posted some other day). And I was lucky enough to put my little hands on vintage Ralph Lauren jodhpurs (riding pants) for ridiculously cheap. He doesn't really sell vintage pieces in his store, but had some of them laying around there. I put those pants on and fell in love immediately - the style, the fabric, the color - perfect! Now I need to find a nice shirt and shoes to wear them with.



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