Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flea market at VEF

Latvian's don't  really have flea markets. The only one we have in Riga is named "Latgalīte" and it is pretty amazing place where you can get anything. Literally anything. Old photos, electronics, old army stuff, furniture, suitcases, illegal CDs, stolen bikes etc. Latvians joke if your bike is stolen just go to Latgalite on the next day and you can buy it back for $20. Also it isn't the most pleasant place in the world, mostly because there are too many old drunken guys hanging out as well as some people that look like willing to stole your I was pretty happy to read that there are some people in Riga organizing flea market every Saturday in the different location.
We went to the first two and it was nice. Not as much stuff as we hoped for but still a lot of interesting things. So I really hope this tradition will live and soon Riga will be well known because of its awesome flea market. :)

Here you can see some photos and read some info about that.
And guess who is in the one of the first photos? ;)

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