Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Music - Metric

Some time ago I wrote about one of my favorites bands - MEW and how I can listen them and never get bored. Here is one more band I truly love and admire (partly because I love bands with female vocal ;)).

METRIC is Canadian indie rock band, and I discovered them thanks to Eric (who is my music guru) and the wonderful Canadian indie radio station - CBCRadio3.
Speaking of the radio, you should definitely try out this radio station. They broadcast on internet, so they are easily accessible. My favorite thing is that they play only Canadian independent music and believe me or not Canada has tons and tons of really great artists and music. That is one of the things that makes me want to go to Canada really badly. :)

Anyway, you can read more about METRIC here and on their official site. Their album "Fantasies" is probably one of my top 3 favorite albums of all the time. I love every single song from that album!

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