Friday, May 6, 2011

Ringla's shoes

Even though I did a "beauty" post yesterday, today I will have one more...Why? Because this one is going to be about shoes and who doesn't love shoes??
This Friday let me introduce you to Ringla and her shoes!

Ringla is a designer currently based in London who is making absolutely amazing, unique and gorgeous shoes! That's a dream not shoes! She is making (more precisely customizing) different kind of shoes - high heel, flat, womens, mens, kids, trainers, boots....for all occasions. All hand customized and unique.
I saw her shoes for the first time in local designer store Klase in Riga, Latvia. I was walking by  when I saw those beautiful shoes in the window. I didn't have an intention to buy them, but I walked in the store, looked through all Ringla's shoes they had, and then run home to find her on the Internet. And now I can't wait to buy my own pair! This purchase is definitely at the top of my future shopping list (together with Irregular Choice shoes).
Take a look and maybe you will also find your perfect pair of shoes...

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  1. Oh.mi.gosh! Ah, those shoes are so cute! I love shoes so much. Hehe Awesome post. :)

    -Rachel Lynn