Sunday, April 17, 2011

mini pig oink oink

Whenever I will get a permanent job and a place to live, I'm getting a mini (micro pig). Not a dog, not a cat, not a hamster or a rabbit, but a mini pig. I would love to have a dog too, but I wouldn't like to keep my dog (a big dog) in my city apartment. That would be unfair and mean.

So I'm getting a little piggy. His (yes, I want to have a boy) will be Kevin...Kevin Bacon. Seriously.

I don't think there is anything much cuter than a mini pig. And all I've read about them indicates that they are smart and very clean. Contrary to what most of the people might think. 

Check out this video and you will understand why I want to have a micro pig. :)

I found it so amusing that there is even a special page with piggy sounds in different languages.

Oink Oink! 
Ruk Ruk (in Latvian)!

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