Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg adventures!

This has been a pretty busy weekend, I even didn't have time to post the pics from Easter egg painting...so here they are!
In Latvia (and I'm guessing in other places too) people prefer natural egg dyeing methods like onion skins, black tea, red beet juice, blueberry jam etc. I know it sounds weird, but the result is pretty interesting. I have tried to dye eggs only in onion skins - that is what my family does every year - and they come out crazy beautiful! So this year I decided to show my American friends this tradition.
It's a fun process - you collect different shaped leaves and flowers, tie them around your egg and then boil the egg in onion skins. We put our eggs in little sacks, so the leaves would hold better. After 10-15 min of boiling, take the egg out, take off all the leaves etc and and the egg will be brown with different color white, yellow and greenish prints left from the leaves and flowers. The most fun part is you can never know what's gonna come out!


  1. Super cool! I want to try that!:)

  2. This was great to do! And the the eggs were delicious too.... :)

  3. that looks cool and yummy! AND i dont even like eggs ;)

    oh and "from under my umbrella" sent me here

  4. Wow, Dace! What PRETTY eggs..I love this post! :) Gorgous. Your blog is lovely! Thanks for putting my blog button up. :)