Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter basket

Today I got my first Easter basket! As I'm not American, giving Easter baskets has never been a tradition for Easter. I'm so excited now! My bf's mom made us 2 wonderful baskets. His even has an allergy medicine in it! :)

Now I can't wait to make my own basket. That won't be for giving to someone, just for keeping at home on the table. I will fill it with a lot of chocolate, jelly beans, home made cookies and hand painted eggs.

So very soon I will publish a post about traditional egg painting - the way it's done in my home country! It's gonna be FUN!


  1. Neat! Where are you from originally? My mom's family is Polish, and some great-aunt or cousin has a pretty amazing collection of pysanky.

  2. I'm from Latvia (near by Poland). I didn't know what is pysanky (needed to check it out on Google), but yeah, they are amazing! Our traditional egg painting involves a lot of natural products - onion skins, blueberries and anything else from the nature that "produces" a color or leaves a print.