Saturday, April 2, 2011

April fools day

Oh, I've totally forgot that today is the April fools day. So here is something funny to make your day!
This blog is posting texts from the parents sent to their kids. As you can imagine they are hilarious.

Here are some of them (Sorry, I couldn't figure out a good way of re-posting some of them):

MOM:Are you at home now?
ME:Yeah. Why?
MOM:I’m on google earth and looking at your house. Wave at me through the window!


DAD:Let me know when you are up and ready to grab breakfast.
ME:I’m up.
DAD:Want to honest breakfast?
DAD:Want to go get breakfast?
ME:Sure. Where are you?
DAD:Highgrove st.
ME:You are a danger to public safety.
DAD:Back door

ME:I’m thinkin about trying out for cheerleading.
MOM:I was a cheerleader in high school for a good two months before I was kicked off the squad!
ME:Kicked off?
MOM:The other girls didn’t know how to have fun.

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